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Over 20 Years of Experience

Over 20 Years of Experience

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California’s Criminal Street Gang Sentencing Enhancement

(Gang Charges PC 186.22)
Penal Code 186.22 PC is part of the California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act, more commonly referred to as California’s street gang enhancement law.  This law is over used by prosecutors and has excessively harsh consequences.  If you have been charged with drug sales in a community where there is known gang activity it is very likely that PC 186.22 will be used as a weapon by the district attorney’s office.

This law states that anyone who commits a felony for the benefit of a gang will receive a mandatory prison sentence in addition and consecutive to the penalty he/she receives for the underlying felony.

And…depending on the circumstances of the offense…this could mean an additional 5, 10, 15, or even 25-years-to-life in prison…even if you’re not a gang member and even if you aren’t the individual who is actively and directly responsible for committing the underlying felony.

But just because the prosecution charges you with a street gang sentencing enhancement doesn’t mean it will stick. In fact, our job is to make sure that it doesn’t.  THE LAW OFFICES OF CASTILLO & ASSOCIATES has enjoyed great success in challenging PC 186.22 (a) (b) (c) allegations for its clients and actually getting them dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor.  If you or a love one has been charged with 186.22 allegations, contact THE LAW OFFICES OF CASTILLO & ASSOCIATES immediately and let our office aggressively defend you.

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